The design of the periodic table has always bothered me. I did plenty of Google searches for other interpretations of the table, but none were satisfying. I was especially interested in designing a 3 dimensional representation, rather than the flat 2-d depiction Mendeleyev first developed.


spiral design

I tried to organize it in a manner that was clear in that it's design informed the viewer as to how the elements were related to each other, and let the math dictate it's shape. I started with Hydrogen, keeping it at the center because it was the lightest. I wanted to keep things classified by their Groups, this being the noble gases, halogens, alkalines, etc. Groups are kept on the same axis. This is just a mockup for now.

Z axis = atomic mass

Y axis = atomic number

Atomic numbers spiral outwards as the elements get heavier. I ended with element 57 Lanthanum, because I thought I had found a nice pattern, and pictorial space was at a premium. I will continue the map with each element until I have the entire table.

Still needs a lot of work.

- - - - - -

linear design

A linear arrangement, which to me, seems easier to read then the current standard periodic table. The above spiral design is derived from this linear arrangement by using Hydrogen as the center and swinging each axis a set number of degrees.

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