I decided to post my archive of old update posts from my defunct Lowco. Labs site. Reading through some of this stuff is personally amusing. Granted, some of the links may be broken. Wow, I have been writing on the net for more than 10 years.



Senate Commerce Committee on Transition to Digital Television

The hearing discussed problems relating to moving people around on the spectrum map. The main problem was moving the traditional broadcasters higher up in the frequency range, and opening that chunk up for public use and safety communications. Now that the large broadcast corporations are starting to output a digital signal, there would be no need for them to sit on this spectrum. When they do move however, older analog sets will not receive these transmissions. Who knows what would come on air the day they move. Just think of the change of the radio landscape over those couple of months.

This is big news, yet most Americans will not know until they go to Circuit City to replace that old tube, where they will be faced with a vast and mostly confusing set of choices concerning sizes (16:9 or 4:3), cable, satellite or over the air, LCD, plasma, or CRT, High Def or Standard Def. The same thing is happening in radio as well, with satellite radio trying to phase out the commercially laden corporately consolidated FM.

The real crux of the matter is whether the consumer will choose a subscriber based model, or an ad based model. Trends seem to be pointing towards more subscriber based models with a monthly fee, just like your ISP,or your cable and cell phone bill. Broadcasting corporations will have to change and become purely content creators, not delivery mechanisms. The golden age of television is over.

Good ol' analog. It's an ocean, not so clean and synthesized, not so easily controllable, no saw toothing of waves, trustworthy.

I can not wait until they free up the now traditional broadcasting spectrum. Opening this chunk for the public will be a boon for amateur television. I have been broadcasting a steady standard definition signal now for three years, using UHF, at 504 Mhz. It's not crowded there, it's not noisy, and I get about a 300 foot range using a very simple transmitter.


...conversions from 16mm to animated gifs.


1 Candela


interface distortion (photoshop browser mappings)

---______------______------ __________________------- ____________ -------____________------- ____________------- ____________------- ______________-----------

______________----------------------------------______ ------______ ------_______-----___-----___-----___-----___----- __-----___-----___----- ___-----___-----___-----___----- ___ ------______------__________________------- ____________-------____________------- ____________ ------- ____________------- ____________-------___-----___ ----- ___-----___-----___-----___-----___ -----___-----__-----___----- ___-----___----- ___-----___-----___-----___-----___-----___----- ___-----___-----___-----___----- ____-----___-----___-----___----- ___----- ___-----___-----___-----



coming soon to a region-less DVD player near you...


Added Live Cam section.



After listening to NPR for far too long, I heard the word blog mentioned much too often. I have come to hate the term.Actually, I have always hated it.It's just an ugly word, sounds like the smelly bog, and, too much like blob, something blunt and round; a small drop or lump of something viscid or thick; a drop; a bubble. Blog,from web log, is the byproduct of our language splicing sound byteed culture. Oh, the days when they were just online journals.People just love saying it, its almost cute and cuddly. But now there is movement to shift this word into the political sphere. Ever since moveon.org gained steamed through this year's presidential candidacy, the word blog is now taking on new contexts.

Blog has become the voice of the people, one man on a soap box shouting in an ever increasingly noisy digital marketplace. Blog has become the poster child for freedom of speech. I never considered this site a "blog", I always saw a blog as an automated and templated journal entry system, with a web interface. A blog, to me, resembled those journals on sale at the register counter of the book store, with their pre-aged paper, or funny quote of the day calendar.

Remember "killer app" or "portal"? Post dot com bubble daydreamers saw blog and ran with it, wishing to reap the financial rewards of building a system driven by ad revenue, perpetuated by a social network, through which a very niche demographic could upload pics from their phone which was purchased two clicks away.If you don't have the tech,you're basically not invited. You think moveon.org opens the forum to voters who have to sign up to wait in line at the local public library to use the aging Dell running Windows 95 with a modem.

When bloggers get press or air time, all they amount to is a hyperlinked URL. They are a living link within the main stream media sphere. Their opinions are weakened when they are news aggregate. The bloggers that do get press or air time, have generated enough traffic to their site so as to be deemed worthy of the privilege of access to the larger media outlets, thus generating even larger traffic flow.

Doesn't Alan Turing have a blog?


I don't write much here anymore. Whatever I do post here becomes more and more abstracted. Boilerplates, templates, plastic plates.


I have worms.


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So you got worms too?


While eating a #2 in the food Emporium, after seeing a movie in the Quadroplex during the Great Debate, I happened to notice some active blipverting on the local wireless z-net. It was Heather26...

It's funny to see some of these ads on the net. I saw this one from Great Expectations, an internet dating service, which finds singles in your Area. The code for the ad obtains your IP address then bounces this number off some sort of an IP-to-location script. Thing is, my IP is not in my local area, it's nowhere near it, so the the search results are dislocating.

Even further displacing are the pictures of these so-called singles, probably originating from some stock photo archive.In addition, the user names are cliches of the typical user name appended with numbers, all with link-throughs. Shall I be led to believe if I click the link to Heather26, that I will automatically have instant access to communicate with her? Do I believe Heather26 really exists? In the end, something that wishes to achieve a means of human communication with a sense of individualism becomes some sort of automata, some misplaced logical set of numbers, some distanced metaphysical gear in Heron's new Automaton Theatre.


Been watching the transition into the new Iraqi government. Then I downloaded this G.I.Joe.mp3.

Felt relevant...

CNN seemed like it was getting its feeds from London.

Then I downloaded a Golden_Girls.mp3, and felt alright.


?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



Added t-vee shirts.


Europe will always be more progressive.I should move there.


oooooohhh. The D1G1T4L:Gr4ff butt3R DVD is on its way. Super enhanced color flow.Cutz o' fresh visual beef treats. Clips off the disc will be posted soon enough.


Brand new streaming server, the feed is now up. Lookout for Streem TV and hidden access links to loboy's computer.

Upon searching for some new OS X icons I came across PixelGirl, check out the site, some nice flavors of icons and desktops.



Stop the bottom feeders.


Version 6 uploaded. Scrappy junk book now online.


The Lab is being dismantled and is going to be put back together into new format in different dimensions. Most work is being done over at Dope Lotus. This will eventually become a micro site for Loboy.




The Dope Lotus Records site is now live and in effect. A while back I thought I would never finish it, but now it exists and is finished. Check it out. All the CDs offered on the site will now be released through Dope Lotus. For now, you can still get the albums here.

I know we were to suppose to release RE-DO #2, but the mail out got pushed back about two weeks. All original recordings! So check your mailbox in about two weeks.


Here is something strange. A sewing machine that hooks up to your GameBoy. Now you can digitally sew your hard-drive icon onto your underwear. The site is in Japanese so good luck unless your Japanese is up to par. Translating the page thru AltaVista leaves even more esoteric data. There are two versions of the machine, the Nuotto (fabbo red) and the Nuyell (pictured). From what I can surmise the Nuotto is for GameBoy Color and the Nuyell is for the older handheld. Tell your grandmother to dust off her copy of Excitebike and finish your quilt.

Wasn't the first calculator (computer) developed from the loom?? A strange historical feed back loop. Needs further inquiry.

So when do tattoo parlors finally upgrade their studios and replace hand inking with robotic instruments and holographic inks?


The New York Times reports this morning:

All six broadcast networks are tied to their film and television production studios, completing the soup-to-nuts integration of the broadcast business. And five companies -- Viacom, AOL Time Warner, Walt Disney, News Corporation and General Electric, the parent of the planned NBC Universal venture -- have carved up almost the entire broadcast and cable audience.

"You have got about five companies that are controlling music and films," John Sykes, chief executive of the Infinity Broadcasting radio unit of Viacom, said at a presentation this summer organized by The New Yorker and the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. "You have got these businesses pretty darn consolidated. Could two more go together? It is pretty close to one now."


The execs wonder why piracy is so rampant and their product is so bland. Their internal networks and business infrastructures are built on the same ideas as our personal computers. The ability to move data and information quickly and over several different mediums makes it very easy to lose control as well as creative spontaneity. The microcosm of the multimedia computer acts a template for the entertainment business macrocosm.

Most of us are tired of being force fed regurgitated shit. When I watch the news and I see a story on Justin Timberlake, and wonder why I am so misinformed on the ongoings of the world, I just turn it off, complain how the networks are just shit, and look elsewhere.

The communities here on the net, the small record labels, the increase of bandwidth, the rise of wireless communication, the dropping prices of desktop publishing equipment and software, are all interelated to the failing of these conglomerates to keep an audience seated. Its just rehash 24-7. There are news stories worth dedicating an entire hour. When the bumper music to these network broadcasts is the latest single put out by the same company, it gets tired too quick.

If you are a teenager and your allowance is $10.00 - $20.00 a week, forget going to the movies or buying some music.

I have written similar updates, and this article just solidifies my opinion. I think most of us are just tired of being treated like idiots.

Turn off, tune out, L3ARN.


Hendobob, found this one.


A couple sight changes were made, parking tickets paid. Mars is here.

"Think about that TV for a week. Think of it sitting there. Keep it turned off and watch it for a few minutes. Or think of it not being there. I spent my first five years without a TV. I spent years at school without one. Sometimes I get busy and it's like not having a TV. I'm not that way now (that busy or removed from TV), and there is sense of isolation that I miss. Isolation isn't that progressive a feeling. TV replaces that isolation with alienation. In a crowded world, alienation seems more useful than isolation. I think that's progress."

Ed Bowes, Watching TV


Re-entering Social-Net02, all systems are up and running. Voicemail re-activated.

Pingers on the snail-mail list, thanks for all the stuff you have been sending me! Hopefully by the end of September we will put out Issue#2 of RE-DO. Everyone that has signed up will receive a copy. It would be truly amazing if I received some audio recordings. I can play most formats.

Thanks Huong for the floppy, I still haven't booted it up yet.


Large elms, expansive skys, rain and a river. Cell phone service is invalid and has been revoked. Haven't retrieved e-mail or voice mail in two weeks. I have been depriving myself of all that is computer.




Shucky ducky. Everybody that is on the snail mail list, expect something next week. This is BLAST#1.

And you're talking like the saint on the site of the accident.

Talking like the clause in the lease about the late rent.

Ringing like the random call patched to the pay phone.

Talking like the water rolls down.


Three new loops in the loop bin.

Over at Electronica-Optica they finally opened their doors to a pay-for-loops service. But it's not really set up by them, you have to go through Vtechmedia. Loops are a buck a pop. Two bucks for larger files and so on. I guess Vtechmedia handles all the back-end credit card processing and server demands.

I was curious so I signed up (free), and decided to look around. First off the Electronica-Optica site is poorly designed and it's hard to find your way around. So I got moved over to Vtechmedia, and the same is true over there, probably even worse. The first thing I notice is attention Mac users. I read "This system was developed primarily for PC users", what kinda shit is that. You don't go live with a brand new online service and exclude probably about 30% of the creative community. You don't go live when your programming for the site is only half assed.

So we will expect updates and what not. The mac users have to use Netscrape 4.7 to upload and download files. If you are developing a site for the PC community which is primarily based in Windows why the frig would you use Netcrap when you could go ahead and just use Explorer??? All this is a horrible mess.

There is a link on the site to all the communities that offer files you can buy. None of it makes any sense, from FangMetal to Fertility. Venture into the VJ_Visuals section and the loops for purchase come up as animated gifs. This shit is annoying. I couldn't download or upload anything because I'm too stubborn to download Netscape. Listen, Netscape lost the browser wars, so give up now.

So, say I want to buy 200 hundred loops at 200 bucks. Great, I have to sit online for a week, download some unoriginal content, and design my set out of someone else's vectored text that says AWESOME COOL. Kids, put your 200 bucks into a bag of weed, a tin of coffee, and a good program.

The loops here are still free. The reason they're free is because they are dead. And who likes dead things anyway.


So I haven't written for a while. The world hasn't changed, but everyone's situation has. I felt confused so I decided to type "where am I" into the Google image search engine. On the first page the image I am drawn to is a site for data manipulation and visualization. Of course I am drawn to this.

Dreamweaver, software for editing web pages??

Keep a heads up for the SPACE CAPSULE.




A new day for the Lab. We have relocated offices to a room with a view. Brand new shiny interface, with all new cutz, paintings, prints, stickers, and vid-loops. A full on GOODS section with t-shirts! Who would have ever thought.

We may do a free mail blast next week with all the leftover goods from the move, so if you want stuff get on the mailing list. Don't worry DeeVeeDeez are on the way. Holy cow, a projects section. Guess what, its done.

Externalizing the internal world since 1997.


So, a couple of weeks ago I received this DVD in the mail. There was no letter included just the DVD and the case. On the back of the case it says: Samples '2002; then it gives a track listing. The URL on the disc is:


The DVD was great. I will try to get up some samples from the disc and maybe a scan of it. I have no idea who sent it (postmarked Boston), but THANKS! This is the very reason I enjoy doing stuff like this.

Anyone else get this disc? Bop Ants...


Some crank caller called the Lab, and left a message saying he was with Paypal. He stated I had bounced the money in my account and I should go ahead and call the toll free number he had left. I thought all this strange, so I proceeded to call Paypal, but with the real toll free number. I talked to the help service and no such phone call had ever been placed and I never bounced sh*t. Too bad the caller ID comes up with UNKNOWN CALLER.

It may have been Wismore. Prepare for voice traffic onslaught.


Freedom fries? Are you joking? Does anyone think anymore? What do we tell the American potato farmers whose sales drop because so many confused people start boycotting French fries. Have we lost touch? I can't believe this story even broke. Freedom fries sounds like something you can get super sized. Just the mere mention of the words Freedom fries irks me. The word Freedom has been co-opted and used as a political marketing tool. Thanks for ruining my lunch.

Check out the half-pipe we built.



anytime but now

anywhere but here

anyone but me

i've got to think about my own life

we are consumed by society

we are obsessed with variety

we are all filled with anxiety that this world would not survive

we gotta put it out

the sky is burning

we gotta put it out

the water's burning

we gotta put it out

the earth is burning


but then they say...

anytime but now

anywhere but here

anyone but me

i've got to think about my own life

the world is not our facility

we have a responsibility to use our abilities to keep this place alive

right here

right now

do it. now. do it.


Been working on The Drake Equation site. Stuff is still being pushed through my cervix so its premature.

Getting heavy into electroluminescence. I found a bunch of sites that sell all this great electroluminescent wire, so I ordered a bunch of the stuff and hope to start playing around this upcoming week. I will put up those links later. I hope to put up some t-shirts for ordering but I am crammed for time. I still have to research a good local printer, but I do know that the Chicken Hut will soon have a bomb ass silk screening spot. So maybe I will hook up some shirts over there?? Who knows.

The future's blue.



How does shit like this happen?

How much injustice is in this world? Why does everyone believe in the same thing and do nothing about it? An adolescent nation. !$#!)!)#$!).

(banter,rave,cantcantm,cant,can't,kant, decant, cantor, Can't, crup, corrupt, currupk./234.@#$T%R@$).

- -

Three new edits in the video section. Download at will. Cutting off the cancerous growth at the source. Deadbeats prepare for the wrath. Nightmares and war on my birthday. Darkness.



misaligned and malignant



So, the video software section is now fully functional. This is something I have been meaning to put up for a long time. There will be more software posted there once I get to go through it all and take some screen shots of it.

Otherwise, here is the unknown letter. I received this about a week ago. There are faint clues as to who it is, but I filed it under anonymous.




The evolution of binary black holes and the analogous evolution of a relationship across the mediascape through the use of the postal service and the occasional electronic ping of an e-mail to someone's inbox of digital consciousness results in the planned Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) observatory which will use three spacecraft in a triangular configuration to detect gravitational waves emitted by coalescing black holes in the center of a galaxy.

Somehow it is relative, to someone.

Scans of letters, coming soon to a browser farthest from you.


Boys and girls, please check out POPCOFFEE. They are currently taking submissions for a DVD project they are working on. You can submit basically anything as long as it can be put on a DVD. The deadline is March 3, so get your sh*t up and moving. And, oh yeah, they're out in Sweden. Ahh, the beauty of the internet.

And be sure to hit up Asciirock. A small little blog with a couple releases.

The next couple of years on the net shall be good ones for the independent causes out there. With the changing face of the recording industry and the amazing growth of peer-to-peer networks, along with the influx of cheap desktop publishing equipment, we shall see the rise of even more small niche art movements and communities. These movements will eventually collapse in on each other faster then we expect due to the increasing exponential rate of technological advancement. Or maybe I am just getting older...




Updated the audio section, check out the Whole Wheat CD that is up now with one mp3 available. Some more stickers have been posted as well. I made a couple changes around the site as well. Working much better now.


Flash graphics can suck an egg.

No more commercials on the net.

Other words:




All new solar links section up and running. I have been doing a lot of research into solar power and all different types of batteries.

Want to listen to an 8 Hz binaural beat and entrain your brain? For more brain related therapy try out zhime.com, and cough blood.

Gyroscopic motion, a flock of birds, the cold concrete, and the midnight sky.


It's finally updated. The painting section is now fully active, it took a while but now it is live.

Check out 'Amplifeed'. Brand spankin' new.

What a date------> 01.02.03 !



Holy cow! DoCoMo unveils MPEG-4 phones! Quicktime is finally making some waves. Wait 'till this hits the states. Finally my vidclips maybe accessible to the uninitiated. I have been messing with Kinoma Producer and making video files for the Palm OS, but this news about Quicktime and DoCoMo is truly something to behold. When will this news finally break into the larger distribution channels?

Open standards forever.


A lot has been going on. First off, I updated the links, check out the science section, for all new links in solar research.

Version 2.0 of DIY Augmented Reality Headset finished. Have to get that section up and running. I will probably post these digs in the device section. All the components for the solar deck table have been assembled, further testing still to be done, and the physical prototype is yet to be built. The next month or so shall show promise in getting this project off the ground.

What else? Check out "The Chlorovoltaic Cell". The web page is kind of crappy but the information posted here is of definite interest. A system for the harnessing of the energy production of chlorophyll. A sort of hybrid between solar cells and plant cells. Futurecasters cast this.

Along similar points of interest is "Electric Mud". Electrochemists have been experimenting with sediments and water to generate a small amount of power. The bacteria living in the sediment can pass off electrons to the electrode without mediation. Next step, wire the ocean.


"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

Pablo Picasso


This is a must see. Check out illegal-art.org which is sponsored by STAYFREE.

There is some great stuff over there. You can download this compilation CD they put together of songs never released due to copyright issues. A great find. Also check out the video section as well, there is a clip of George Bush inside the sun of a Teletubbies program. What else can I say.


Did a little site fixing as you can see. Mint snapple on a cold day.

Indoor hydroponic garden system now fully functional, soon to be online through webcam. An experiment for growing food and raw materials for natural constructs. More pics will soon to follow.


Having trouble breathing?

Where is Wizmar? Where is Amos? I know you called here, but I lost your phone #. I wrote it on a napkin, and then I ate some ribs and the sauce smeared it into an unintelligible mess.

Where is Fartwerm?

Am I made out of chocolate?


The internet is the largest scroll ever to be written on Earth.

Print the entire internet out on a dot matrix printer connected to a 28k acoustic coupler on a pay phone in the desert and webcast it, and when all the trees are dead and all living things have been squeezed dry of there precious inks, the entire internet will have been printed. Loop the end of the reel of paper around the moon and back into the printer and continue printing the webcast of itself, because that is all that will be left.




Keep moving. Inverted the channel 7 news logo, as well as channel 11. Now suitable for broadcast purposes.

Moore's law is becoming stronger and stronger everyday. Maybe tomorrow we'll have lunch together. Lasers have proven effective in targeting and destroying ICBMs. Star Wars again? Defense contracts destroy third world countries.


New Lowco. Labs Television trailers in the video section. Vidclip collectables? Links have been updated. Half hour vid-blendz may soon be available on VHS, don't know about DVD yet. A small pinhole camera has been added to L3ARN, as well as a portable LCD television for color signal monitoring and a shortwave for picking up distant radio.

Filter your soul through the Internet.


Biometrics in my mall. Biometrics in the stall. Scan my RNA and enjoy Clone Soda. I updated the links, been busy-tired-busy-tired. Halloween is upon us and some of us have divergent tendencies. Science beats on clear holographic virtual vinyl spinning in the lab. TV pervades and perverts our perspective. Coalition against the abstraction of thought through car commercial download. Buy a trailer and move out west near a lake.


Copy and distribute. Free your music. Helpless humans hate machines. Forget everything you remember and tell yourself you're lying. Repository for confused souls stuck in digital conversion. MP5s on a 3000 year old hard disk. Superstructure songs, optically enhanced. Pushed a currency algorithm against a weak waller bot and received Energy drinks. Love is tainted and stained and doesn't really exist.


Complete site overhaul. So clean and so mean. Goodbye frames, hello automation. I have been staring through LCDs:LEDS. Bright lights and dark daze. Keith's in Cali, Jay's at Jux, Methune's a mooch, Brandon's random.

The projector I have been working on may soon be done. I will post full info, documentation and pics in the projects section if my cam is functioning. The viewfinder is all busted.



Wheat paste

Prepare 1 cup (2.4 dl) of very hot water. Make a thin mixture of 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of white flour and cold water. Pour the cold mixture slowly into the hot water while stirring constantly. Bring to a boil. When it thickens, allow to cool. Smear on like any other glue. For slightly better strength, add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of sugar after the glue is thickened. After using a portion, reheat the remaining in a covered jar or container to sterilize it for storage or keep refrigerated. If wheat flour is not available, other flours will work.


The network section is up and L3ARN is fully functionally. More vid edits in the VIDEO section.

"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom."

- Albert Einstein


Some stuff I am going to add to the site:

Otherwise that's it. Not much news. I went to the new Apple store down in Soho. Whoa, this place is fargin' crazy. All the computers there are hooked into the net, so being the curious one, I went over to this site and downloaded some of my vids to the desktop, pulled up Quicktime and launched my vids on a fullscreen loop (on four different monitors). This was awesome, I haven't seen my work this big and on so many juicy flat screens. I had a personal little showing of my work at the store. Too bad they have a a guy on the floor who doesn't appreciate anyone who wants to see how the technology actually works, he made me shut off all the loops that were running. Next time maybe I will film myself in the store with their cameras loading up some vids and running them on their screens, and upload the whole thing from that access point.

It's a jungle out there.


Another week, even weaker. Growing mold on my brain. Shipwrecked on top of a building and lost at the information booth. Call. We all miss each other because we talk to ourselves too much. Have fun and be sure to close the door on your way out.

Be careful.


Turkle gives the characteristics of a hack as:

1. Simplicity: the act has to be simple but impressive.

2. Mastery: the act involves sophisticated technical knowledge.

3. Illicitness: the act is 'against the rules.'

Turkles analysis of the key characteristics applies to any act, not just those involving computers.

FROM: http://depts.washington.edu/chid/370-99/napthali/sub_pages/socram.htm



$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



Up late with nothing to say, but I changed some font sizes. There will be some new all original vids up over the weekend,hopefully. I started writing this article about hacking and hip hop. It has turned into chapters. Maybe I will post it here as soon I think its ready for public consumption.

Here is the link of the week. Dig around. Get lost. Forget about how long you have been on the computer.


As you can see the logo has been revamped, I'll probably change it again sometime next week.

HOT! HOT! I can't wait until this heatwave breaks. I went in to my room the other day and it had melted. Oh, I found this strange site with G.I. Joe guys and old glass bottles, kinda strange. I lost the link, but here, check this one out. The G.I. Joe guy to the left, his name is Dialtone. Somehow all of this stuff got confused. Some stuff.


Whoa. Fourth of July here and gone. I saw some guy blow up it was so hot. Too hot to handle. Energy companies raked it in.

What's up with all the Mozilla users coming to this site? I checked my web stats and Mozilla is up there in the ranks. You guys made me download the crap-ass hack of a browser and fix a sh*t load of font issues. Well, now they are fixed and hope they render correct on Windoze. Maybe its the Linux people who are running Mozilla? I also got these other hits from a Lynx text browser and a couple other unknown (UPG1 UP, ia_archiver, zzZ). What the hell are these things?

Anyone know, send me the info. Bots of some kind?


We have finally moved servers! Mp3s are now available in the audio section, check'em out. Our logo has been revamped and the site has changed a little bit. I have about one hundred megs of space now, so the all the sections will become even beefier over the course of the next month.


Yes indeed. Lowco. Labs first ever print run! IBROKEDEZINE is now available, soon to be in a store near you(maybe). Fifty pages of a chock full poems, pictures, prints, and other good stuff, another Lowco. exclusive offer.


The webcam may be functional soon. Live vinyl, tapes and other miscellaneous contraptions. Other than that nothing is new.

I updated some of the links, and have been messing around on the audiovisualizers community pages. I uploaded some pics from my low-power broadcasts. Hopefully soon my design book will be up on here along with a couple of half hour videos that will available on VHS.

I would really love to make a DVD, but right now the price of DVD burners will put you in the hole. Thanks to Moore's law we all shall soon be ripping our own DVDs.


The all new audio software section is up and running. It is sort of a visual archive of these small applications I collect and use to record with. Soon I will have a video software section up, but for now just the music. And I added a new device: the Tele-human.


The new scrapbook section is up and running. Right now there is an archive of pirate TV articles there. This section shall hopefully continue to grow, with more articles about various subjects. Maybe I'll add an archive of home recording articles? Seriously want to get up my library of video samples, but that means moving servers. Until then, the only samples I am offering are in the experiments section, which are all original samples.


There is a great article in MacTech Vol. 18. No. 03, March 2002 on broadcasting over a network with Quicktime. Definitely one to read. I can rarely find any in depth information on Quicktime. What I would love is an entire book dedicated to everything Quicktime. I found this one site, The Little Quicktime Page, which is pretty good for links to Quicktime related software.

Freedom Downtime is now available! Finally, I have been waiting a while for this. Check out 2600 for more details.

Yeah, and I found this strange site with some good reading material. ----------->f0Rb1dd3n kn0wl3dg3


I may have fixed my stupid frames problem. I know it is of great consequence to you. Soon to be released on Lowco. HOME VIDEO is Blume (a digital diary). A chock full of vid edits / deconstructions / distortions / broadcasts / restreams. It shall soon be posted. What else?? An awesome place to dig around in is the online United States government bookstore. The stuff for sale here is awesome: census data, space pamphlets, defense and security books, just a lot stuff to lose your head in.


Okay. This guy is awesome. Over at AudioVisualizers.com they had this video loop contest. Anyone who entered would be sent a compilation of all the entries entered. Turns out I didn't win anything once I had checked the site, but the other day I get this package. A crumpled manila shipping package, looking like it had traveled half way around the world and back, arrived at my door. I hastily ripped open the package and, lo and behold, 23 compact discs poured out of the envelope. I haven't even been able to go through all the material this dude sent me. He stoked me with all these vid-loops. Man. Every disc is jam packed with good bits of video made for twizzin. This dude rocks!


yeah boy. The site is finally live again, being out of commish for way too long. I don't what I have to say here right now, I am just psyched that this shit is up. Links will not work for now because I am updating and dusting them out. As for the vid sampulz, I may not have enough room here to upload them all, but check back soon. What else shall be added, spanky new experiments and all new vid clips from Krueger to Math Problems. Oh yeah, the mp3s for the audio section shall be up soon enough. For as long as this site has existed, I don't think I have ever posted any of my mp3s. --aight chill.



I think I may have solved the problem with some loading inconsistencies on the different platforms. Definitely check out the links section under video, all new links to VJ applications, I warn you that most of them are crappy. I am still waiting for that one definitive video sampling program. I think I have used every single one for the mac, and most of them are just riddled with bugs. Most of the bugs are in interpretating the video from the different formats (avi,mov,mpeg,swf). Its better to have all of your video files as one format, or the program is confused easily. There too many issues to be resolved for smooth digi-mixing vid-twizzin, one is screen resolution compatibilities, and porting the video to a projector, vcr or tv. Things need to be resolved for seamless transitions.I can't wait for this era of Digital Conversion to end, and the day of full Digital Immersion to begin. From water to air, like steam.

Soon a webcam will be up, because the bom ass DSL line will be fully functional. Oh yeah, and the long awaited, mpthreez. I know have linked to them, they are just not up on the server.

The direction of the site is changing a little. I may be pushing more towards modding more, showing some of my personal mods and how all these things are a collective vision. I am trying to push into building a small home network, and getting a mp3 jukebox up and working on this LAN. I am slowing building the Lowco. LAN. Everything is customized. I want to put up all my efforts in building this, from specs to pics. So I have some work to do.


Ooooooooouuuuh. Stickers are back! Yep, that's right I'm bored so I put them back up. Check'em out. Oh yeah and there's a new file in VIDEO. More nonsense for consumption.


Did some cleaning. Got meself a haircut. Clipped my toenails. Took a shower. Did some fixing on the site. Not much else.


Built some SH*T. Busted. Tired. Changed.


Most of the vidz are up now. I have been waiting until I had some spare time to upload all of them, which means uploading at 2 or 3 in the morning. I got around to upping the smaller ones, and I am going to wait to up the heftier ones when I have a faster connection. The MP3s will be up in the audio section probably next week. I got these cool ass skeleton gloves today and picked up the fresh new issue of POPtronics.

I'd actually like to start a new section on the site doing music reviews of the sort. I may just start reviewing discs and vinyl that I buy or find if I have any time. I am also thinking about hooking up a webcam, the only thing is that I don't have an always on connection, so updates of the cam would be sporadic. I have been holding out on buying one because I want to wait until they have better firewire cams. I just won this video transmitter on eBay that will send video 300 feet to any television tuned channel15 or 16 on UHF. So I am psyched to get that up and working. Oh yeah, and I have to fix the post section, I just haven't had time to write the scripts. I hate copying and pasting other people's code because sh*t just gets ugly. I always like working from the ground up so I have more control over the whole process. yeah.


I have done it again. I completely revamped the site. I tore down all the flash I was working on and opted to use straight html. The flash crap was just getting out of hand, sure, I learned a lot about flash, but I just started to hate the way flash reacts. I didn't have enough overall control of my flash documents. Yeah, you can script it and all that, but just plain flash would not cut it. So here I am back to basic html and java.

Well, I just had a hernia operation and now a couple of days later I am finally beginning to walk normal again. Sh*t was not fun. I got a spinal tap though. My legs were numb for about four hours.

Fresh new vid samplez for all y'all vid-twizzers. And if you're not on the vid-twizzin' I suggest a healthy dose of Arkaos VJ. Oh you'll definitely be pleased, especially if you're portin' your video out to some big ol' screen or if your MIDI cables are straight plugged into your cranium jack.


Too busy for dumb sh*t. I am still waiting. Waiting.


The Labs will be in Brooklyn, NY soon enough. We hope to be moving into our new space on July 1. I haven't been on the net lately because the place I am staying at now is a fargin' crack den with some shite ass phone line, so updates will be sporadic as they have been these past two months. The site has changed a bunch since then, but I think I am still weak in my content. Once we're settled in Brooklyn things will start to take a much larger shape. I hope.


Cleaner, crisper, meaner and maybe leaner. The site is definitely getting some finesse now, I haven't had any time to update this news section lately. I am in the process of moving so I have had a sh*tload of stuff to accomplish. But when I've had time I changed some of the layout around making it a bit more layered. This sh*t starts to take over your life, I mean the web is the most transient place and trying to stabilize a transient thing is next to impossible, you can never grab a hold of whatever it is. I am diggin' the colors, yeah.

This dude Tuan e-mails me, asking me for some music, so being the nice guy I am I e-mail him back to tell him I will send out some CDs for a trade. I burn the CDs, mail'em (to Thailand!), and haven't heard from him for two weeks now. I put in my money and hard work to get this guy some rare digs he leaves my ass hanging cold. So Tuan if you are reading this send me something back, or at least an e-mail telling me you got the goods.


I am updating this in the air. Bored and can't wait to get into the city. Don't feel like writing much now, I will upload this tonight after dinner when I am home. Peace.


YEAH! The l0b0y BOXSET is now available. Check the music section for the brand new digs. I saw some dude throw this bottle out of his car today and I got pissed. Oh, well. Ignorant f*ck.


I put in this percentage loader so people can tell how long the file is taking to load. I am starting to mess around with a sub-menu system so parts of it are starting to be uploaded. This dude Tuan from Thailand wants to do an interview with me over email for his experimental music mag. He still has not emailed me back yet. So, Tuan,if you are reading this email me as soon as possible.I will be shipping out the discs on Tuesday. Got a lot of sh*t to sort out around here, so I may not be updating as often as I have.


Fixed some font problems. May be moving my physical self. I bought lots of yogurt. Tried to go to La Luz de Jesus, but it was closed. Rode my bike. Nothing is new. New is nothing. Is nothing new? Nothing new is. Knew nothing. No thing. Thing. No.

Let me divulge to look at the emergence of the term "Bling Bling". I have seen the latest incarnation of the term used in a McDonald's commercial and by Rikki Lake. The earliest form I have to reference is by use of it in a conversation at a show I was at. "Bling Bling" is interesting to me because it encompasses a wide range of ideas I have been thinking about. First off, its slang and denotes flashy jewelry, especially gold and diamond rings.

I can only guess of its origins, but it is some form of onomonopeia maybe stemming from "cha ching", the sound of a cash register opening. The B-L part may be an additive from "blowin' up", a cell phone ringing or pager going off. So these two terms "blowin' up" and "cha ching" have been spliced to create the more catchy "Bling Bling". The term is just as flashy when said as to what it refers. The term hit a widespread audience once nouveu riche rappers began using it all over the place. But now we can see the marketing of this term as it is co-opted, reassesed, and redefined as it is placed in commercials such as with the McDonald's commercial.

This example of the fashionable-feedback loop is evident with the marketing campaign of Budweiser with "wusup". It happens so fast now, its so hard to read into anymore. I remember when I'd see breakfast cereal commercials with skaters using the fatter decks with the big wheels when in reality all the skaters were skating with double lipped boards with small wheels. Skateboarding at the time may have been too progressive for the execs in the marketing department to agree on, so they opted for the layer of skateboarding history already categorized and understood.

Now the source material for new marketing campaigns is extracted directly from its target audience, chemically altered and then carefully re-injected directly into the vein from which it was pulled. This re-injection creates a type of hyper-fantastic reality. This is analogous to any chemical imbalancing ritual. Can I thus define advertising as drug if it thus creates changes to chemicals in my body? Maybe, I would have to do some serious studies of the effects of advertising on the human body. But is it solely advertising, no, it is much larger than that, it starts to become the entire mediascape. So, is the mediascape a drug? Maybe, if there is any evidence of addiction to television or the internet. Here I would have to define drug, mediascape, and reality in any attempt to justify my argument. But, this is only supposed to be a stupid update section. I'll probably save this and work on it a little more I think.

All this from "bling bling".


I updated the links section and posted and rearranged the video section. I got some cool ass samples ofMax Headroom that I'm going to put up maybe next week. I fixed these stupid scroll bars and have been working on this Speak N Spell emulator that will be up later tonight or sometime next week. Been working on some paintings about astronauts.

I circuit bent this puppy piano and got some nice tweeked sounds out of it. I have been working on a new music project called "The Children of Nu". I have so much time since I've been unemployed it has forced me to keep my mind working by starting all these senseless projects. So, if you have a job to offer me, e-mail my ass pronto.

The Hong Kong CD I got off eBay is delicious future funk. My cat friggin' spilled this huge glass of water on this old catalog, The Last Whole Earth Catalog, and now its all f*cked up. Silly cat.


Jobless and frustrated. I might have posted some new video stuff, that is if I can drag my ass to do it. Listed the tracks on the Kid Lucci album. Started reading a new book. Finished reading THE Philosophy of Andy Warhol. eBay is the best place to freakin buy CDs. I got a Trans Am CD for six bucks, I got SonicYouth "Goodbye Twentieth Century" for nine dollars. Oh yeah and that's a double disc. I got Hong Kong coming in the mail, five bucks. I went to the music store, I don't know what it was called, some generic record store name that you usually find in a mall that is owned by some other corporation that is in bed with some other corporation that is eating off the plate of yet another corporation which is, well never mind.

The point of my story here was to compare the prices I was getting my music for. The Sonic Youth disc was seventeen dollars brand new, I got mine for a measly nine. If I paid seventeen dollars for that disc where would have my money gone? A percentage to the host store, a percentage to the record company, a percentage to the print and manufacturers, a percentage to whoever else, and a percentage to the band, I hope. What the hell am I trying to say here, I guess I may be bragging about the good deals I've made.Oh yeah, and last week I got an Aphex Twin CD for ten bucks, Richard D. James. The disc rocks. Then I had the question, why was this person selling such a great piece of music? I have such dumb pride in my music collection, I love it, I rub it with a diaper.


Changed some colors, fixed broken links, refined the menus, cleaned stuff, ate brownies, watched Divorce Court. Painted pretty pictures.


Well, we have moved. Lowco. Labs is now in effect. Aw yeah, I got plenty of space here to upload some serious files. Some people have been saying that they can't get through the site after the little into, the links should come up on top after you go through the menu on the bottom, maybe the links are being drawn too far off the screen?? I don't know, so I am gonna go to Kinko's and check it out over there. Give me the lowdown if anything isn't working right.


Whoa. I have overhauled the entire site, talk about non-stop. Everything has been changed, hopefully making the site cleaner and easier to get around. I took out all the animations for now, I just want to set up a more thought out structure before sh*t starts moving around. I think it looks a helluva lot better and its much easier on my eyes as well. The audio still isn't up because I haven't moved servers yet. I'm still debating who should host the site. Fat Cow has a good deal and so does No Monthly Fees. I tried out NoMonthyFees but they're f*ckin annoying. They keep sending me emails telling me that I am suspended from there servers.

Energy crisis here in California, it is such a crock of steaming bullsh*t. Otherwise, I am overzealous that the site is looking better and working better as, download times are down as well. Check the video section for the new vids, there's some experimental stuff in there that I've been working on mixing and sampling. I have been drinking a lot of V8 lately, man that sh*t gets my ass going.


Let's see, what have I changed? I reformatted some of the pages making the text easier to read on screens not optimized for 1024 X 768. I hope you all can read some the stuff here now. I enlarged the pictures of the artwork and the live pics. Changes will always be taking place here because it is a work in progress probably never to be finished. I want to get a web cam up and live soon, but I think were moving before all that happens. I moved some stuff around hopefully making it easier to navigate around. I think it is pretty self explanatory. I painted my box and decked it out with hot ass stickies. My cat chewed through my phone line so I gotta head over to Radio Shack and pick me up a new line.

MIR is going to be crashing into the ocean sometime this week, I think I'll tape it post the video. There is actually a plane you can take out there over near New Zealand and watch the piece of junk enter the atmosphere. Tickets are a butt load of money.

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