stainless steel pile

I setup a small little experiment to see how to design a hydrogen electrolyser that is similar to a voltaic pile. Here I cut some stainless steel screen and some filter material to act as a matte between the cathode and anode plates. I hooked it up to a 12 volt battery to see what kind of effects I would get on a small scale, before I make a larger version. I wrapped the whole thing with velcro so it would stay together. I used regular tap water in the bin.

- - -


Here is what I am thinking now about constructing a well designed pile for hydrogen production. I may not need quite so many plates. I think there are 40 positive plates, and 40 negative plates, and 40 separators between the plates. I want as much surface area as possible for contact with the water, so I will be taking a cue from sponges.

After designing this thing out, I decided to take a look at how other piles or stacks have been designed, and found I am on the right path!

- - -


Looks like a huge capacitor. Super weird...Justing searching for some flat plate ceramics and I found this site. My stupid renders look like they are already being tested. I found this site after the fact I had sat down and composed those models. Crazy! There purpose is completely different though from my original purposes, the plate design is for a solid oxide fuel cell. Hmmm. Ceramic tiles...

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